Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Floridian Vernacular and the Air Conditioner

Cafe render, under the cardboard jacket

Air-conditioning has transformed the built environment of America. The vernacular architecture of Florida, formed by the passive techniques that control the climate, has been replaced by suburban split level homes. The south beach bakery uses a damp cardboard jacket that generates the climatic conditions demanded by the processes carried out within. It behaves as an inhabitable building fabric, enveloping the cooled spaces used for the preparation of dough and the cooling of bread. This project celebrates Florida's love of air-conditioning but challenges the routine method of how it is achieved. 

South Beach Bakery - Axo

South Beach Bakery - Section
South Beach Bakery - First Floor

In addition to allowing people to stay cool in the evening breeze, the porch served as a space around which neighbourhoods formed. With the gradual introduction of conditioning these social areas became redundant, as people chose to stay inside and enjoy their refrigerated houses.
Modern vs Vernacular Floridian Architecture

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